Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mini Cadbury Creme Eggs - Walmart : Somerdale, NJ

Mini Cadbury Creme Eggs - Walmart : Somerdale, NJ 
Back in October I reviewed the full sized Halloween Scream Egg (review here). Now that it’s officially Spring, Easter candies are everywhere. This year I picked up a few different Cadbury Creme Eggs to review. (The mini creme and mini caramel versions.)
These mini eggs are inside a plastic shell-casing that looks like a mix between an egg carton, and a diorama. There is quite a bit of packaging to these eggs. There is a cardboard bottom, purple plastic carton bottom, clear shell top and stickers holding the whole thing together. (Not to mention the foil on each individual egg.) While the presentation is cute, it does make a lot of waste.
Once you get through the packaging, there are a dozen mini-eggs. Each one is individually foil wrapped just like their full sized counterpart. The eggs smell like milky chocolate, typical for Cadbury, and the fondant inside tastes just like a full sized egg. It’s thick and creamy with a touch of vanilla.
These smaller eggs have a better chocolate to creme ratio, which I actually like a lot more than the full sized egg. I’d definitely buy more of these before the season is out. (My friend Sean likes to eat his frozen, so I might freeze a few and give that a try.)
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