Thursday, April 11, 2013

MEGA STUF Oreo - ???

MEGA STUF Oreo - ???
This was another Easter gift from my boyfriend. Although I am not sure exactly where he purchased this, I know you can buy these at Target or Walmart in both the original-chocolate and golden-vanilla varieties.
These Oreos came out about a month ago, so there are plenty of reviews out there already. (Plus I am pretty sure most of you have seen them in stores.) Just in case you haven’t seen them or heard of them, these are basically normal Oreos filled with an INSANE amount of creme.
The design, color, and package are typical for the Oreo brand. The only new addition is the small "cookie vs creme" logo in the corner that asks you to vote for your favorite component of the classic cookie. So really, there isn’t much design to talk about. Instead, I’ll focus on the cookie. 
This cookie is tall, maybe about twice the height of a normal Oreo. It’s height is only due to the excessive creme filling, because the biscuit/cookie parts are the same size and thickness as the classic cookie. Now for me, the biscuit/cookie is my favorite part. I  hate the creme because it coats my tongue in a way that reminds me of Crisco or shortening, so this product doesn’t really appeal to me. 
As far as taste, these are just like normal Oreos but with about 3x the filling. The cookie easily separates and the creme can be lifted off like a little puck leaving two perfect chocolate cookies behind. That disc of creme is just as tall/thick as the two cookies stacked on top of each other.
Personally, I think that Oreo should have made another item that was simply all cookies for this voting campaign. Then customers could “vote” just by buying one product over another. The simply cookies version would be a must buy for me, but I’d pass on any more Mega Stuf Oreos. They are simply too much filling for me to handle. 
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