Wednesday, April 10, 2013

FUN Sweets Banana Cotton Candy - ???

FUN Sweets Banana Cotton Candy - ??? 
This semester is finally getting the better of me, so I am queuing some reviews now so that I won’t miss another update.
Today’s update is an Easter gift from my boyfriend. A little tub of banana cotton candy!
The packaging is a mixture of cute and frightening. That face is just…off. I think it’s the eyes. I can tell that the designers were going for big eyes to be cute, but these are just too big and detailed when compared to the rest of the design. As for the tub itself, it is surprisingly sturdy and pretty useful. (I clean these tubs out and use them to hold supplies for my daycare art classes.)
I was a bit worried about how this would taste because I am not a fan of banana flavored sweets. They always taste the same. (They all taste like banana runts!) I expected this cotton candy to be artificial with an obnoxious scent, but it actually smelled very mild.
Surprisingly, this stuff is pretty good! There is a slight hint of the artificial banana flavoring, but the overall taste reminds me of banana baby food. (More specifically those Gerber puffs for babies and toddlers that are shaped like little stars.)
I enjoyed this cotton candy a lot more than I thought I would, and I might even buy more of this flavor in the future.
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