Monday, April 8, 2013

Vanilla Peach Tea - Matchbox: Washington DC

Vanilla Peach Tea - Matchbox: Washington DC
I’m back from DC with some foodie photos!
I met a lovely gentleman in The National Portrait Gallery who recommended a local restaurant, The Matchbox. Sadly, I hit the dinner rush and the wait for food was a bit too long for me to have a meal. Instead, I grabbed a drink at the bar.
I like sweet drinks, so I ordered off the “girlie” drink menu.
vanilla peach tea
absolut vanilla / peach schnapps / peach puree / ginger ale / iced tea
For a mixed drink it was fairly strong, but nothing I couldn’t handle. The tea was really delicious, it tasted fresh brewed, and the puree was very sweet. The liquor mixed well with the other ingredients. I really liked this a lot! (Here is my review of Peach Schnaps on it’s own.)
It’s a shame I couldn’t grab any food here, the menu looks amazing, but I plan on checking them out the next time I’m in DC.
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