Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Key Lime Coconut Patties - Dollar General : Cherry Hill, NJ

Key Lime Coconut Patties - Dollar General : Cherry Hill, NJ
Put the lime in the coconut and dip it all in chocolate! I saw this at the dollar store check out and I thought it might be interesting because I love these flavors. (I just don’t know how successful they would be when combined into a candy.)

The plastic packaging features an overall lime-green color scheme with a hibiscus flower print in the background. Piled on top of that, are images of palm trees, limes, coconuts, chocolate, and the coconut-candy-bar product itself. The design is busy, but graphically I think it works. I feel like the fonts and typography are where things gets a little iffy. The text choices makes this product look cheap. (Then again I got this at a dollar store, so you get what you pay for.)

Inside, there are two sweetened coconut squares that have been dipped in dark chocolate. The lime flavored coconut is a beautiful bright spring-green, but it isn’t natural at all. I would love to buy clothing or nail polish this color, but I don’t know if my food should be this bright.

The candy has a very strong coconut aroma, and it easily over powers the lime and chocolate.

Taking a bite…I was instantly disappointed. The chocolate is not chocolate at all, It’s that fake, overly sweet, waxy, “mock-late” that you can find in a lot of cheaper drugstore treats. Once you get beyond that gross mock-late, the coconut itself has a great texture, and there is a tangy lime flavoring, but it is more artificial than realistic. This is like mixing sweetened coconut with concentrated limeade. Surprisingly the combination isn’t bad, but that mock-late just ruins everything. 

I actually liked the key lime flavored coconut patty quite a bit, but I hated that fake chocolate stuff. I bit around it, but that wasn’t enough to save this candy. I won’t be buying this again. When will I learn my lesson and stop buying dollar store sweets?

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  1. I thought these were made with real chocolate? It says made with real chocolate on the front of the wrapper!

    1. You're right, it may say "real" on the wrapper, but it was definitely not pleasant. I've had plenty of real dark chocolate bars and none of them were ever this sweet and waxy.