Thursday, May 23, 2013

Skinny Cow Peanut Butter Creme Chocolates - Dollar General : Cherry Hill, NJ

Skinny Cow Peanut Butter Creme Chocolates - Dollar General : Cherry Hill, NJ
(I bought the Key Lime Coconut Patties as the same time.)

I bought these from the dollar store because I recognized them from a review on Candy Blog. (One of my favorite foodie sites.) For some reason I remembered these getting a really favorable review, so I grabbed a package.

I have had skinny Cow products before, and while I liked the product, I hated the logo. It’s just plain creepy. A humanized cow with an hourglass figure wrapped in measuring tape? Combine that image with the slightly suggestive pose and you have a decent amount of nightmare fuel. (This pose actually reminds me of Molly Ringwald’s from The Breakfast Club.) Logo aside, this design has a decent layout. Personally, I would tweak the sizing of the text and make everything a little bit larger, but the placement allows the design to flow nicely.

Inside the plastic packaging there is a cardboard sleeve that holds three curvy milk chocolates. I like the unique shape, and I feel like this is a decent portion, so no complaints there.

When it comes to smell, I can’t detect any peanut butter, just milk chocolate.
After my first bite I was a bit surprised by the texture of the peanut butter filling, it’s almost translucent! It looks and feels more like a caramel than any peanut butter I have ever had. Although the texture and appearance are a bit odd, the filling definitely has a salty, peanut taste. To me, the fault in this candy lies with the milk chocolate. It’s just too sweet. (This is on the same sweetness-level as Cadbury chocolate, which I am not a fan of.)

After eating my chocolates I looked up the Candy Blog review and realized these only got a six out of ten. For some reason I thought they ranked much higher, but I totally agree with Cybele’s review. The filling is overly salty and the chocolate is overly sweet. These aren’t a satisfying candy, and I found myself craving a real candy bar once I was done my chocolate pieces, so I wouldn’t recommend this to any dieters. In my opinion, Skinny Cow needs to stick to ice cream.

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