Friday, May 24, 2013

Wegman’s Chocolate Mousse - Wegman’s : Cherry Hill, NJ

Wegman’s Chocolate Mousse - Wegman’s : Cherry Hill, NJ
It’s been a rough couple of months, so my mom decided to pick up some little treats for the family.

I am in love with this plastic angled container! The translucent, packing tape-like, label peels off cleanly so that the presentation becomes that much nicer. These are just so impressive looking, especially for a pre-made grocery store creation. I bet theses would look fantastic at a dessert table for a party.

Once I removed the lid I could instantly smell the chocolate. The aroma is a bit sweeter than a dark chocolate, but richer than a baking chocolate.
  The dark chocolate shavings on top add texture but they quickly melt in your mouth and blend with the frothy chocolate mousse. The flavors are pretty rich for a grocery store product, and I liked this a lot, but it’s a little too sweet. (It took me two days to finish my portion because it was just too much for one sitting.)

I love the packaging and presentation. These gorgeous ready-made desserts from Wegman’s are definitely worth a try!

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