Thursday, May 9, 2013

Raspberry Vanilla Cupcake Extra Dessert Delights - Target : Moorestown, NJ

Raspberry Vanilla Cupcake Extra Dessert Delights - Target : Moorestown, NJ
As of right now, I have had every flavor in the Dessert Delights line. (Although I’ve only posted reviews for about half of them.)

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Today I’ll be reviewing Raspberry Vanilla Cupcake, the newest flavor. I’ve been a fan of this gum since the beginning. Key lime pie (which is now retired) was my absolute favorite! I’m not 100% sure, but this flavor might replace Strawberry Shortcake. (They seem to be making some changes to the flavor lineup.)
The packaging follows the same guidelines as the other flavors. There are flowing stripes of color that coordinate with the flavor, and there is a photo of the real dessert the gum is based on.

When it was announced, I wasn’t too sure about this flavor. Don’t get me wrong, I love raspberries. It’s just that Raspberry flavored foods can come off as candle-y or perfume-y. With that being said, this gum definitely smells like something from Bath and Body Works. This smells like a really nice raspberry lotion, not like a yummy candy or gum.

This flavor was just released. It’s brand new, but the texture feels like this gum is old and stale.

The first flavor I could detect was a floral raspberry. The taste isn’t sweet, or jammy, it’s more like a sugar free raspberry pudding. I can slightly taste some vanilla cake notes, but it’s more like a pre-made grocery store cake than bakery-fresh.

For the most part, these newer flavors haven’t been living up the the original three. (With the only exceptions being Root Beer Float, and Lemon Square.) While this flavor isn’t terrible, I wouldn’t say it tastes like a raspberry cupcake. I’ll keep this in my purse for now, but I don’t see myself buying any more of this flavor in the future. (BRING BACK KEY LIME PIE!)
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