Saturday, May 11, 2013

Wegman’s Premium Ice Cream - Wegman’s : Cherry Hill, NJ

Wegman’s Premium Ice Cream - Wegman’s : Cherry Hill, NJ
The other day I had to stop by Wegman’s to pick up some wonton wrappers for dinner, and I saw they they had little pints of premium ice cream, similar to Ben and Jerry’s. I just couldn’t resist. I love banana ice cream. (It is second only to Cherry Garcia.)

Store brands typically mean no frills, so the designs and packaging are very basic. The container is a bright, gaudy, yellow with chocolate brown swirls and generic graphics. At first glance, the packaging looks like a 2nd semester design student project, but it actually photographs really well. The bold colors and design give it a nice graphic quality in photos.

Once I peeled the protective plastic coating off, the ice cream had a creamy vanilla-banana scent. It wasn’t a very strong aroma, like banana chips, but it was very pleasant.
As I scooped the ice cream I was pretty impressed with the distribution of add-ins. There were little peanut butter cups and fudge swirls in every scoop! I wasn’t able to see any of the marshmallow swirl, but I think it blended in with the banana ice cream.

I fell in love with this after the first bite. I could taste yummy vanilla-banana ice cream and chocolatey swirls instantly. When I got a bite with a peanut butter cup in it, it not only added a delicious peanut buttery flavor, but it added a nice texture to the ice cream as well. I couldn’t taste any marshmallow, but I think the marshmallow flavoring is what gave me the nice vanilla notes in the ice cream.

I have to say, this banana ice cream is awesome! I am really impressed with the Wegman’s store brand, and I will be buying more flavors in the future. (They had a little something that looks like their version of Cherry Garcia..<3)

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