Saturday, June 8, 2013

Homemade Snow Cones - Homemade

Homemade Snow Cones - Homemade
My sister received a snow cone maker as an early birthday present, so I asked her to make me one for a sometimes foodie review. (Thank you Manda.)

This “snow cone” maker is really just an ice shaver, so this isn’t just for snow cones. You can use shaved ice to make various desserts (like shaved ice topped with red bean paste and sweetened condensed milk) or frozen alcoholic drinks.

This appliance is super easy to use. All you have to do is place ice cubes in the top canister and turn it on. It’s just like a giant food processor; it shaves the ice and collects it in a bowl.

The finished product has a finer texture than the snow cones you can buy at the fair or boardwalk, which may be good for dessert or mixed drinks, but I am not sure that this will translate nicely into snow cones. The shaved ice made with this machine is so light that it’s practically fluffy. When you pour the flavored syrup on top, the ice melts way too much, and it is hard to make a rounded scoop. The ones I have bought down the shore that have a firm, hail-like, consistency which creates a nice dome-top. This one has a different texture, but the flavor is practically the same. You just need to use quality syrups and flavorings.

This snow cone tasted great, it was just a little on the slushy side. I think this would be perfect for making kakigōri.
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