Monday, July 8, 2013

Lindt Caramel with Sea Salt - Target : Moorestown, NJ

Lindt Caramel with Sea Salt - Target : Moorestown,  NJ 
This is the last of my Target chocolate haul. All of the brands and flavors I have reviewed were very satisfying, and I thought I had saved the best for last, but I was wrong.
Like my last Lindt post, I’ll skip the packaging. If you want to see my thoughts on the design you can check it out HERE with the coconut chocolate bar.
I don’t know about any of you, but when I think of salted caramel (or in this case, caramel with a touch of sea salt) I imagine soft ribbons of chewy, buttery, filling with a hint of saltiness. Makes sense right? Well I guess Lindt thought differently.

This dark chocolate bar has bits of hard, crunchy, “caramel” that tastes more like the butterscotch candies I used to eat at My Grandma’s than any caramel I have ever had. As if that wasn’t off enough, instead of a “touch” of sea salt I found this to be pretty heavily salted. After just one square of this I was already reaching for my glass of water. This candy isn’t on the saltiness level of corn chips, but the saltiness definitely overpowered the flavors instead of enhancing them.

I don’t know what happened. The last two Lindt bars were really good, but this one was incredibly disappointing. I absolutely love salted sweets, so I figured this bar would be the best of the lot and saved it for last. Sadly, it isn’t.

I won’t be buying this again, but the coconut and strawberry bars were very lovely.

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