Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sparkling Ice - ???

Sparkling Ice - ???
My uncle actually brought these over, so I have no idea where these specific bottles came from. (I’m pretty sure you can buy this brand at any grocery or convenience store in America though.)
I have a lot of flavors to review, 7 to be exact, but I’ll be mixing these in with other reviews to keep things fresh and interesting. (Personally, I know I don’t want to drink this stuff for 7 days straight, and I can bet that none of you would want to read 7 of these reviews in a row. )
All of the bottles and labels are clear, so the product provides a nice pop of color. (I had way too much fun lining up the flavors/colors for the first photo. I did a few arrangements and this was my favorite. I tried to balance out all the “red” flavors.”)

As you can see in the group shot, the label design is very consistent. (The strawberry lemonade version has black text and “lemonade” on the label, but it still looks like the rest of the line.) The typography for this label is really crisp and clean, and I like the minimal imagery used at the top of each bottle to visually indicate the flavor. Design-wise, this is a really nice product, but how will it taste? I’ve been burned by good designs before. (I’m looking at you Neuro.)

I’m not going to get all foodie scientist on you, mainly because I am totally not one, but these drinks are sweetened with sucralose. I’m a little afraid of artificial sweeteners. I’ve read things about it causing hair loss, cancer, and other issues, but like anything, I’m sure it’s good in moderation. Regardless, I am going to space out my reviews of these drinks just in case.

When I began to pour this into a glass I smelled something familiar. This drink smells just like the pomegranate pucker Yummy Earth lollipops! Things are off to a really good start…

After one sip I can already tell that there is no way you can pass this off as anything but a diet drink. It has that classic, artificial, diet-drink taste. If you hate diet drinks, you’ll hate this.

As far as the specific flavoring, this is a watered down version of the Yummy Earth lollipop I mentioned earlier. If I took diet seltzer water and dissolved that lollipop in it, I imagine the taste would be pretty close to this.

Normally I hate diet drinks, but this one is tolerable. The aftertaste is REALLY sweet though. After drinking half of my little glass (seen in the photo above) I wanted to drink some water to balance out the sweet taste in my mouth. I wouldn’t specifically reach for this flavor at a grocery store or party, but if it was given to me I’d drink it.

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