Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chicken Cutlet Curry - Terakawa Ramen : Philadelphia, PA

Chicken Cutlet Curry - Terakawa Ramen : Philadelphia,  PA
Sorry I missed yesterday’s post, I was in Chinatown with some friends celebrating Sean’s Birthday. (You might remember that I made him a birthday cake POSTED HERE.)
We rode the train into the city to grab lunch at Terakawa Ramen, and then we explored Chinatown to do some shopping. (I’ll post a mini haul to show you what I bought, but photos and reviews will be coming up soon.)
Terakawa Ramen is a relatively new restaurant here in Philly, it opened last July so it is almost 1 year old and it’s already getting good reviews. (There is a location in NY too.) The restaurant is very narrow, but that is typical for the buildings in Philly’s Chinatown. Thankfully the restaurant makes great use of the limited space. There are about 12 small tables available, and the seats at each table are small square stools that allow you to store bags underneath them (great for purses or your small shopping bags). If you’re not with a group or a party of people you can grab a seat at the bar.

I guess it’s kind of silly that I didn’t order ramen, since the place is called Terakawa Ramen and all, but I was in the mood for curry. The chicken cutlet curry platter came with a small green salad, white rice, sliced chicken cutlet, and delicious curry sauce with diced veggies. It was very reasonably priced and potions were HUGE. I wasn’t able to finish everything in one sitting so I had to take the last of my curry to-go.

The sauce was thick and nicely spiced without being too sweet and there were bits of carrot, potato, and onion. (Maybe even some diced peppers, I’m not 100% sure.) My chicken cutlet was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside which tasted even better when it was mixed with the curry sauce and rice.

Everything was very reasonably priced and the portions were HUGE. (My platter was under $9.00 and I wasn’t able to finish everything, so I had to take the last of my curry to-go.)

I really liked this place a lot. The food was great, the staff was really friendly, and the lighting created a really nice atmosphere. My only complaint would be that the drink menu is definitely lacking. There aren’t many options and the ones available are overpriced. Drinks aside, I will definitely be going back for more.

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