Monday, July 22, 2013

Peeps Freezer Pops - Five Below : The Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Peeps Freezer Pops - Five Below : The Gallery, Philadelphia, PA  
I almost didn’t buy these, but my sister insisted, and I’m really glad she did. (In case you’re wondering, the little Peep toys came from the dollar store a few years ago. They light up! Like a rave!)
Everything is inside a bright yellow cardboard box, similar to the packaging for original Peeps. Unlike the marshmallow variety, which has white polka dots, this box has cyan dots with little Peep images scattered throughout. This design fits in with the rest of the Peeps line, and I really like the colorful layout.

Inside the box there are ten plastic squeeze-style popsicles. Although there are four different colored tubes, which mimic the Easter-y colors of Peeps, they are all the same marshmallow favor. These may look just like the plastic popsicles you can buy at any grocery store, but these are significantly skinnier and shorter. Being smaller, they froze really quickly, which is good, but these are at least half the size of a “normal” freezer popsicle. (I got this box of 10 for a dollar, so you get what you paid for.)

Like most frozen desserts, this doesn’t seem to have an aroma, but I was really impressed by the taste. Although it’s a little on the artificial side, these really do taste like marshmallow. They have a very sweet vanilla flavor that has the same finish as a commercial marshmallow.

These ice pops have a pretty interesting texture, the flavored ice is very soft and practically creamy! Texture-wise these are a lot like the cream ices that you can buy from Rita’s.

I am really glad I bought these. They were really fun to photograph and fun to eat. (My sister and boyfriend really enjoyed them too.)

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