Monday, July 15, 2013

Sparkling Ice - ???

Sparkling Ice - ???
Third time’s the charm?

Sadly I was out of grapefruit and I didn’t have any pink props for the photo session. (I am not a fan of pink, so I don’t own much pink.)

I already shared my thoughts on the aesthetics of this line, so If you want to check that out, you can click HERE.

The lemonade was better than the blueberry pomegranate, so I thought that the citrus flavoring might cover up the artificial sweetener a bit better than the other fruity options. I decided to test this hypothesis by trying the grapefruit Sparkling Ice.

Unlike the last two flavors, this one didn’t seem as carbonated when I poured it into a glass. Maybe this bottle is a little old and flat, I’m not sure, but it does smell like authentic grapefruit juice.

The grapefruit flavoring is initially pretty strong, there are some tangy bitter notes that remind me of actual grapefruit juice, but the sucralose kicks in a sweetens everything up really quickly.

This time the artificial sweetener taste is a little weaker, but it’s still really obvious. It seems like my citrus theory might be true, the tanginess of the fruit might cover the artificial sweetener taste a bit better than other fruity alternatives.

I liked this one the best out of the three flavors, but I am running out of citrus options. I hope the other flavors aren’t too artificial. (I am making my boyfriend drink some of these since he does enjoy diet drinks. He’s a trooper.)

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