Thursday, July 18, 2013

Talenti Mediterranean Mint - Target : Cherry Hill, NJ

Talenti Mediterranean Mint - Target : Cherry Hill,  NJ 
My sister and I needed a gift bag, so we went to Target with our friend Jared. Big mistake. We went in seeking gift wrapping items, and left with two pints of ice cream. (We have no will power or self control, although Jared did try to stop us.)
This brand has been featured on food blogs, youtube, and tumblr. Since the reviews have all been favorable, we grabbed 2 flavors to try.
  • Mediterranean Mint
  • Banana Chocolate Swirl
The container is pretty unique. Instead of the waxy cardboard tub most ice creams use, this is a hard, clear, plastic container with a brown twist-off cap. If you wanted, you could use this canister again. (Always handy for my art class. Plus this container is recyclable.)

As far a design, there isn’t very much going on. The label features some classic typography, and that’s it. From the container to the ingredients, everything about this gelato is minimal, and I love it.

When I took a taste, I honestly wasn’t wowed. The mint ice cream has a mild mint flavor that is very authentic, and the dark chocolate chips have some really nice coffee notes, but this is a basic mint chip gelato. After a few spoonfuls the chocolate begins to overpower the mint, but the flavoring is very good.

This was delicious, and I love the design, but the pricing is pretty steep. It was almost $5 for this tiny pint and this is supposed to be 4 servings. (The whole container is 800 calories!) I liked the taste, and I love the packaging, but the pricing is what will prevent me from buying this again.

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