Monday, July 15, 2013

Galaxie Burger - Route 66 Diner : Wildwood, NJ

Galaxie Burger -  Route 66 Diner : Wildwood, NJ
I was down the shore with some friends and we stopped by the Route 66 diner on the boardwalk for dinner.

The building has a retro Doo Wop theme, just like the rest of Wildwood, and the servers perform choreographed dances to classic hits like Rockin’ Robin. It’s a cute place, and the atmosphere is fun, but the staff are the stars of the show. They went out of their way to accommodate us, and everyone we interacted with was extremely friendly and helpful.
For my meal I ordered one of the car themed burgers, the Galaxie, which was topped with blue cheese and hot sauce. Basically this is a buffalo burger. (I asked for the cheese sauce to be on the side, also this came with totmatoes, but I gave them to my boyfriend since I can’t really eat them.)

This was a very satisfying meal. The fries were crispy, the hot sauce was tangy, and the burger was well cooked. The cheese sauce tasted a lot like blue cheese dressing, so I just left it on the side. I usually eat my wings without any blue cheese anyway. (I’m a wing purist.)  Everything down the shore is a little pricey, I got this meal for about $12.00, so the pricing at the Route 66 diner isn’t too bad.

I’d definitely eat there again, and I’d recommend it to anyone who is visiting the Jersey Shore.

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