Thursday, October 4, 2012

Archer Farms Pumpkin Spice Cereal - Pumpkin 2012 Haul

Archer Farms Pumpkin Spice Cereal- Target : Cherry Hill, NJ

I  am collecting all of my pumpkin posts from last year and re-posting them here on Blogger to make a comprehensive collection. Here is the original Tumblr post
I was really excited for this one! I had never seen a pumpkin spiced cereal before, and I think it would be a brilliant idea. Can you imagine Cinnamon Toast Crunch with added pumpkin spice? I think it would be delicious!
Archer Farms is a brand you can buy at Target, they have a pretty good range of granola cereals with unique flavors. This year they released a pumpkin spice variety and I had to pick it up.
The box is very simple and follows their general design scheme. It isn’t breathtaking, but it gets the job done and makes this cereal look very mature. They are definitely marketing this to an adult-audience. There is actually one thing I really love about this packaging, the bag inside is resealable. It has a sturdy zip-lock top that allows you to reseal the granola and keep it crunchy. I love that! I wish more cereals would add that feature to their products.
Opening the bag, you get the generic smell of granola mixed with very faint pumpkin pie spices. The spice that stands out the most is cinnamon, and it is hard to detect anything else. Maybe it’ll taste more like pumpkin? 
Dry, you can barely taste pumpkin pie spices if at all. They really went heavy with the cinnamon, and the other flavors mixed in to the granola over power the other spices. I can taste the raisins and almond clusters more than the pumpkin pie spices. Which sucks!
I added milk, and that made the pumpkin spices more prominent, but not by much. The cereal still tasted very cinnamon, almond and raisin heavy. Which isn’t bad, the cereal tasted very good, but it wasn’t very pumpkin-y as advertized. The milk left behind from the cereal had a light pumpkin pie flavor, but it was the only moment where I could actually taste the pumpkin pie spices more than any other flavor.
This was yummy, but barely rated on the pumpkin-y scale. On a pumpkin-y scale of 1-5 (5 being extremely pumpkin-y) I would rate this a .5
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