Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Amaretto Swirl Fudge - The Fudge Factory : Wildwood, NJ

Amaretto Swirl Fudge
- The Fudge Factory : Wildwood, NJ
Here's a little taste of summer now that school has started back up.

I have been going to Wildwood every summer since birth. It isn't the classiest, or fanciest, sea-side town in New Jersey, but it hold a special place in my heart.

If you have ever been on Wildwood's boardwalk, you'd know that there are tons of fudge shops and they are all having a special sale today! The sales clerks stand outside and tell you about "tonight's special," buy 2 lbs of fudge and get a free box of salt water taffy. If you live in a sea-side town you know that this is the same special that has been offered everyday since the beginning of time. (Not literally, but it's been the same special since I was a fetus. Only the prices have gone up.) If you're in town, don't get fooled by the "special." Check local papers for a coupon. Every fudge shop on the boardwalk offers them. (Fudge Kitchen, Laura's Fudge, Douglas Fudge...etc.)

Over the years I have tried every fudge shop on the boardwalk and I think Fudge Factory is the best. It is the only place I ever buy fudge from.

The shop isn't fancy by any means, it looks just like all the others. It's the actual fudge and it's flavors that make this shop stand out.

Today I'll be reviewing the Amaretto Swirl.

I love amaretto, I have a bottle of Disaronno that is the size of a large infant sitting in my kitchen right now, and after sampling this fudge a few years ago I am hooked. Amaretto and chocolate? It's a winner.

Separating the flavors, the chocolate fudge is very flavorful and creamy. It has some nice milk chocolate notes with a hint of cocoa powder. It is really yummy, but it's a typical chocolate fudge. Nothing too fancy. It's the pink tinted amaretto fudge that won me over. It starts out tasting sweet with a hint of vanilla and melts into delicious almond-y goodness.

Combined, it is absolutely delicious. Almost like an amaretto cordial.

A lot of the fudge flavors on the boardwalk are very bland, and there aren't many exotic flavors. The variety at Fudge Factory is leaps and bounds above it's competition. With amaretto swirl, jalapeno pepper, watermelon and apple pie...I think this shop is in a league of it's own. (Well at least it is in Wildwood.)
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