Sunday, September 22, 2013

Archer Farms, Honey Dijon Potato Chips - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ

Archer Farms, Honey Dijon Potato Chips
- Target: Cherry Hill, NJ
I've had Archer Farms products before, and while they have all been tasty, they don't live up to their fancy flavor names. (Remember the Spicy Korean Style BBQ chips I reviewed?)

I am calling it right now. I think I'm going to like these chips, but they are not going to taste like Dijon mustard. (Maybe the flavoring will be more like a generic honey-mustard.)

Like always, the Archer Farms label remains consistent. We have the same white diamond pattern against a forest green background with a zip-lock top and an image relating to the flavor. It perfectly blends in with the rest of the line, yet this bag is different enough to stand out from the other flavors. (Mainly due to the artisanal photographs and the brightly colored bands that relate to each flavor.) I like the packaging and I really wish other chip brand would get on the zip-lock bandwagon. No more stale chips or bag clips!

The bag opens really easily, and the contents smell like traditional kettle chips tossed with a very light, tangy, vinegary, honey mustard. Overall, the chip scent really overpowers the mustard aroma.

Visually, the chips are a bit more yellow than their plain counterpart, and you can see little flecks of powdered flavoring.

Wow. These chips are really mildly flavored. I'm pretty underwhelmed. These taste even weaker than I thought they would. The flavoring is very similar to Snyder's Honey Mustard and Onion Pretzel Pieces, but it's barely there. It's as if you poured some Snyders pieces into the chip bag, shook it up, and let it sit together overnight.  Like always, some chips get a little more flavoring than others, and those chips perfectly match the Snyders flavoring, but they are few and far between.

My honey mustard loving boyfriend really liked these, but he isn't a big potato chip fan. I really love the texture of these kettle chips and the more flavorful chips are really yummy, but you get a lot of barely flavored dud-chips in this bag.

Archer Farms is a great brand, but their flavor naming department and their flavoring departments need to get on the same page. You have these exotic and wonderfully delicious names, but generically flavored products. That isn't a bad thing, the chips are yummy, but if these were properly named I wouldn't be so disappointed.

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