Saturday, September 21, 2013

Impulsive Buy Spotted on the Shelves Entries - 3

My boyfriend and I actually bought these and they were deliciously tangy. Maybe the best specialty Peeps ever!
There is a really awesome foodie site called The Impulsive Buy (Go check it out!)
One of my favorite posts on the site is called "Spotted on the Shelves." It is a viewer-fueled inventory of new items that have been released in various stores. I already made two posts of my submissions, found HERE, so here is round 3! 

Here's what I found at Target...

These appetizers look pretty yummy...I might have to try a few of these.

All of these are very tempting, but I usually make my own icings.

Is this leftover from last year? Or is winter stuff already being released?

After my meatless chicken wing review I am tempted to give these a try...

Sounds delicious, but is this another winter ice cream invading the freezer section?

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