Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Peanut Butter Pop tarts - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ

Peanut Butter Pop tarts
- Target: Cherry Hill, NJ
I just couldn't pass these Pop Tarts up. They look like delicious shortbread cookies filled with chewy peanut butter. How could I resist?

Right away I was wowed by the packaging. Pop tarts got super fancy and embossed the box! I'm not sure if it comes across in the photos, but there is a dynamic zig-zag patten that is slightly raised in the yellow-orange background and all the text and images are textured and dimensional. I love that they are putting more effort into their box designs. Keep up the good design Pop tarts!

Inside the box, the toaster pastries are sealed in their familiar metallic pouches, but this time they are gold! That's a bit different. Something else I noticed was that the foil packet actually has an allergy warning due to the peanut butter and it also states that it is the "Gone Nutty" variation. All of the attention to detail is aesthetically pleasing, but It also makes sure that this product will not be confused with non-peanut varieties.

Once opened, the Pop tarts smell like graham crackers and peanut butter. It is really tempting. I had to stop myself from taking a bite before I photographed it.
These are amazing. Imagine the softest, chewiest, peanut butter cookies ever and turn that into a Pop tart.

Alone, the outside tastes like a shortbread cookie that has been covered in sugar crystals, and the inside is a slightly sweetened (possibly honeyed) peanut butter filling. There is a slightly salty taste to the filling, but it compliments the sweet cookie outside really well.

I recommend eating these un-toasted with a tall glass of milk, but, to be honest, these never made it to the toaster. (Don't judge me.) So I can't really give my opinion of the toasted version of this Pop Tart. I will say that the"raw" Peanut Butter Pop tarts are deliciously chewy and absolutely amazing.I highly recommend them.

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