Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gummy Tongues - Target - Cherry Hill, NJ

Gummy Tongues
- Target - Cherry Hill, NJ
Another Novelty Halloween candy from Target. Again, I wasn't expecting these to be that great tasting, but I knew they would make for some fantastic photographs. (Plus I can use them as a decoration for a Halloween-themed dessert tray.)

The container is exactly the same as the one I reviewed in my kale chip post a few days ago, it's a clear plastic clam shell with a novelty sticker on top. Personally, I think Target missed the opportunity to really gross up this product. They could have gone with some kind of meat related packaging, or a medical waste theme, which would have been a lot more fun and Halloween-y, but the clear clam shell does it's job. I can't complain too much. After all, the 'tongues' themselves make a pretty interesting visual statement. (Which is what made me buy them in the first place.)

The container opened really easily and the candy tongues smelled....not good. My expectations were already pretty low, but I wasn't expecting this to smell like strawberry Jello mixed with Play-Dough. These gummies have a salty aroma mixed with artificial strawberry flavoring and the combination is really off putting. This scent actually reminds me of cosmetics for little girls. (Like that cheap strawberry lip balm/lipstick they used to sell at Limited Too in the mall.)

These 'tongues' may smell bad, but they look amazing! Each one has a decent amount of detailing. (Check out the photos.) You can see little pock marks for taste buds, a crease in the center, and the foamy looking pink underside adds a semi-realistic spongy texture. Surprisingly this candy is pretty substantial too. Each 'tongue' is longer than the length of my fingers and they are fairly thick. These were a lot of fun to mess around with. I even took a few Genocider Syo/Gene Simmons-esque selfies. (That I might post later if I am brave enough.)

Sticking to my foodie review, these are great photo props, but a pretty terrible candy. Eating one of these things is like a chore. They aren't very favorable, the chew is a bit stiff, and I have definitely had better strawberry gummy candies. After a few bites. I didn't really want to finish eating my 'tongue.' (I did anyway. Waste not want not, but I didn't really enjoy it.) 

As a candy, these were pretty awful. I wouldn't buy them again, but they were really fun to photograph. If you want some fun photo props for a Dangan Ronpa, Kiss, or Hannibal themed party, check these out!

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