Friday, October 11, 2013

Kabaya Karipori Candy Stick - Ramune Review - SunSeng Market : Pennsauken, NJ

Kabaya Karipori Candy Stick - Ramune Review
- SunSengMarket : Pennsauken, NJ
Sorry for the brief hiatus. Things are finally starting to settle down a bit and I can get back to my regular update schedule. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

I already discussed the packaging and the cola flavored candy. (Posted HERE!)

So today we’ll focus on the ramune candy and it’s wrappers.

All three of the ramune wrapper puzzles were pretty easy to understand. There is a maze, another spot the differences puzzle, and a follow the rope game. I really love all the attention to detail that went into these wrappers. I mean, I'm in my 20's and I enjoyed doing the little puzzles at my desk, so I can only imagine that children would love them too. (Even though they are quite easy to solve, they are still a pleasant little distraction to my typical work day.)

Like before, each package contains two little candy sticks. They have the same light weight feeling and Pop Rock-like texture as the last flavor, but this time they are blue. Unlike the cola variety, this flavor doesn't have any distinct aroma. I honestly can't smell anything. (Maybe I am coming down with a cold?)

I have talked about Ramune in a lot of my other posts, so this might sound a bit repetitive, but there are two different ramune flavors out there. One is deliciously sweet and lemony, like a carbonated lemonade, and the other is this horrible bubblegum-y abomination that I can't stand.

Thankfully, this is heavy on the lemon flavoring with just a tiny hint of bubblegum. I can handle this. The candy has the same crispy, crunchy texture as the cola sticks with a little bit of a sour fizz, and it is really refreshing. It starts out tasting very strongly of lemon, which reminded me of the Super Lemon candy I reviewed before, but it has a classic pink bubblegum finish.

Out of the two, I definitely preferred the cola flavored sticks, but I like these ramune ones a lot more than I thought I would. This candy has it all! Fun games, yummy snacks, great packaging...and I found out that this comes in other flavors (like lemon and watermelon)! I really liked this candy and I will be on the lookout for other flavor combinations to review.
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