Thursday, December 19, 2013

bai 5, Congo Pear - Wegman's: Cherry Hill, NJ

bai 5, Congo Pear - Wegman's: Cherry Hill, NJ
Why did I do this to myself?

After finally working my way though all of those sugar free Sparkiling Ice drinks a few months ago, and suffering from vertigo for the first time ever in my life (I am fairly sure the drinks were involved although I can't prove anything), I buy another sugar free beverage. In this case, this beverage uses erythritol, which is supposedly better for me than sucralose, but on top of that this is made with the fruit from the coffee plant. Coffee and me are not best friends.

I'm so sorry body. I don't why I am doing this to you. (I don't want to waste money and I'm cheap.)

Okay, on a more serious note the bottle had a nice design, I love pears, and I wanted to try drinking something other than orange juice and water. (My main beverage staples.)
As I said before, the design is pretty nice. The bottle itself is really plain, but the wrap around label It really well designed. It features bold text with a very strong layout, simple color palettes, and lots of information. The design is clean while still having a bit of an "in your face" look with that huge logo and, when you turn the bottle around, there is actually a clever little meter to let you know what "level" you are on. I love it! There is so much attention to detail! So far so good.

As I opened the bottle I noticed that the cap is really large, and this bottle actually has a pretty wide mouth. It didn't look so big when I photographed it. (That's what she said. Is that even a thing anymore? Do people still say that?)

After it was opened I took a sniff, and this smells like a ripe juicy pear mixed with...something. Something not edible. I don't even know how to describe it. Maybe plastic-y? If I had to give it a name it'd be medicinal. The aroma makes me think of drinking juice in a hospital room.

Time to taste this stuff. (I am already scared.)

The first thing you can taste is a sweet, deliciously ripe, pear mixed with some honey notes...but that fades away. The aftertaste is the same as that weird medicinal smell I described earlier and it gets worse the longer it linger on your tongue. I found that if I knocked this stuff back like a shot, and didn't let it touch the front half of my tongue, all I could taste was the sweet and yummy pear flavoring. Whatever that medicine-y taste is, it only effects the tip on my tongue.

The first time I tasted this stuff I literally shuttered. It reminded me of some kind of childhood medicine, but the flavoring will grow on you after a while. At this point I have only consumed enough of this stuff to barely reach the "Hello Antioxidants!" level, and I can see tat this is going to take me a while to finish.

All in all I love the design, but I wouldn't buy this again. Ever. I do not like this taste at all and would not recommend it.
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