Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hot Buffalo Wing Chip'ins - Home Goods: Moorestown, NJ

Hot Buffalo Wing Chip'ins - Home Goods: Moorestown, NJ
Home Goods is more than fancy throw pillows and lamps, they get some of the most interesting foodie items! In the last two years I have bought jams that came in reusable European glassware, raw vegan kale chips, various seasonal coffees, and "vintage" sodas. What's next?

Buffalo wing flavored rice chips.

How does this seemingly normal home-themed store get a hold of this stuff? (Not that I am complaining. The kitchen supplies and foodie items are the only reason I even shop here.)

The bag's bold "blood orange" color is what initially caught my attention. Maybe this is a bit pretentious of me, but I thought the color was really sophisticated. (Anyone else watch Project Runway?)

Okay, on a more serious note, the color and faux crosshatching texture really did draw me in. Just look at this bag! The overall design is simple but playful. My only complaint was that I was a bit confused by the little chip accent. I wasn't sure if it really was an apostrophe, or if it was a stylized dot for the 'i." Not that that was really a problem, a 15 second Google search was all it took to find the site and see that it's an accent. (Also it showed me that there are other flavors out there.)

Other than the lovely design, I was really drawn to the flavor.

As a kid you usually end up eating the things that your parents like, and mine both hated spicy food, so I avoided it too. As embarrassing as it is to say, I didn't work up the courage to eat anything "spicy" until I was almost 20. (I was a wimp.) After one taste I was hooked and I have been seeking it out ever since. My favorite spicy food to nibble on is buffalo wings. (More specifically Honey Hots, because I feel like the sauce tastes better than the really hot ones. I don't just like heat, I want my food to still taste good.)
Since I have become a wing-nut (more bad link jokes) I thought these chips might be tasty. Even if the bag had an ugly design, I still think I would have bought these just on the flavoring alone.

The chips didn't start until way down here! Bummer!
I opened the bag and I was immediately greeted by a tiny little pile of chips. This thing, like most chips and snack items, was mostly air. What a bummer!

Inside, the chips look like triangular, ultra thin, rice cakes. (Which makes sense given the popcorn origins of this brand.) Each chip is coated in an orange-y red powdered flavoring, that easily gets all over your fingers, and they seem to have a really crispy texture.

As far as smell, these smell a lot like Corn Nuts. The scent isn't bad, but I was expecting something a bit different.

After one bite I was pretty impressed with this product. A lot of potato chip alternatives just don't pack the same satisfying crunch and texture, but these do. Not only is the texture great, but these popcorn chips have a decent amount of heat. This level of spiciness won't send anyone running for a glass of water, but there is definitely more heat than I was expecting.

As far as buffalo wing flavor, that is where this product lets me down. The flavoring is more like hot sauce and corn chips at best. This product didn't live up to my expectations, but it is still really addicting and satisfying.

In the end, I liked these Chip'ins a lot! If I can find them again I plan on buying another bag.

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