Thursday, December 26, 2013

Kabaya KariPori (Mystery) - Asian Food Market: Cherry Hill, NJ (PHOTO HEAVY)

Kabaya KariPori (Mystery) - Asian Food Market: Cherry Hill, NJ
Let's wrap up this package of KariPori!

This box contained two fruity flavors, apple and strawberry, and one mystery flavor in a purple package. Being purple, I assume that this "mystery flavor" will be grape, but it turns out that there is more than one surprise in this box. When you mix the strawberry and apple candies together you're supposed to create a 4th mystery flavor.

Like I said in my first post, the idea of combining two flavors into a third is pretty popular with Japanese candies. A lot of candy kits and snacks use this concept, and it isn't always successful. (Meaning the stuff doesn't always taste like a specific flavor.) I'm excited to give this a try to see if this will be a success or a fail. 

First, let's see what's inside this purple wrapper!

As always, the wrapper has a fun puzzle, and I'm totally clueless as to what it's about. More word based games? I peeled the foiled wrapper open and sure enough there were two purple sticks inside. These candies didn't have any smell, but if I had to make a guess I think this is going to be grape. (Or maybe purple Taro? But that seems really random. This is a fruit themed mix after all, so grape is the logical choice.)

I took a bite's orange? I think. I don't really know what this flavor is. It's kind of citrus-y, tangy, and a bit bitter. I think this is some kind of citrus fruit. Well I feel pretty dumb, this childhood candy tricked me. There is no way this flavor is grape.

As for mixing the two original fruity flavors (strawberry and apple) I snapped off equal amounts of those and popped them into my mouth. At first this didn't really taste like anything specific, it was kind of like eating a handful of skittles, but it became this tangy pineapple-ish kind of flavor. I enjoyed the flavor, but ti was really weird. I honestly didn't think the two flavors would truly form a third, but it did. (Eventually.)

The box says that the mystery flavors are revealed on the bottom two flaps so I took a look and it seems like I was kind of correct, although I am still a bit confused about the results. I tasted orange and pineapple, which were both present on the bottom flaps, but grapes are there too! What does that mean? I didn't taste any grape at all.

Was the apple and strawberry mixture supposed to be pineapple and oranges? And Purple was grape? If so that is the orangiest grapes I have ever tasted in my life. (Orangiest is now a word.) I took another bite of the purple stick and it still tastes like oranges to me. I am so confused.

Can anyone make sense of this?
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