Thursday, December 26, 2013

Kabaya KariPori (Apple) - Asian Food Market: Cherry Hill, NJ (PHOTO HEAVY)

Kabaya KariPori (Apple) - Asian Food Market: Cherry Hill, NJ
For those of you who celebrated, I hope you had a lovely Christmas!
Now that all the hectic holiday madness is over, it's time to finish up my KariPori candy reviews. This post will cover the apple candy sticks, while my next one will discuss the mystery flavors. (That means there is a double post today!)

Just like the last three KariPori flavors I have reviewed, this candy is inside a plastic pouch with more puzzles printed on the outside. Usually I am able to figure out at least one of these games, which isn't difficult, I mean they ARE for children, but this time I am totally stumped. I don't understand any of these things, I think they are all word and character based. Can anyone translate them? 

As for the candy, there are two light yellow candy sticks inside each foiled package. The candy has that same lightweight feeling and plastic-y texture as before, but this time it smells like apple juice concentrate. In America a lot of apple based candies are green or red, but we all know that apple juice and the fruit itself is more on the yellow side. (Plus there are yellow/Golden Delicious apples.) Even so, I kept accidentally typing "lemon" in this post. (I think I corrected all those errors...if not, let me know.)  The bright yellow packaging and the candy itself just screams lemon to me, even though I know better.

This flavor has the same deliciously crunchy texture as the other flavors, which is very addicting, but the flavoring has the same problem as the strawberry flavor. This apple candy tastes like some kind of food scented bath product. I can taste sweet apple juice concentrate, some kind of artificial honey, and some floral notes, which aren't terrible, but they definitely remind me of a bath product more than a candy.

Out of the two flavors I have tried, apple and strawberry, the apple is my favorite. While both taste more like something I bought at Limited Too than a candy, the apple is reminiscent of Apple Snapple.

I hope the mystery flavors are a bit more interesting. So far I have to say the cola and ramune version was far superior.
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