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Kabaya Ju-C Lemon and Orange tablets- Asian Food Market: Cherry Hill, NJ

Kabaya Ju-C Lemon and Orange tablets- Asian Food Market: Cherry Hill, NJ
I finally found more Ju-C tablets!
I reviewed the watermelon variety about a year ago (read the review HERE) and they were absolutely addicting. I wanted to see if the rest of the Ju-C line was as flavorful, but it was tricky to find more of this candy in my area. (My local Asian grocery stores are a bit like Aldi, things come and go at random, so you can buy it once and it may never been seen again.) FINALLY I found two new tubes with 3 different flavors!
Other than the obvious visual clues, like what flavor this is, I can't read much of the packaging, so I looked up the official website. (I used Google's translationg service to help me make odds and ends of things.) Like a lot of Japanese candies, the flavors are always changing. This specific flavor combination and package seems to be from Kabaya's 45th anniversary...which was back in 2010. So this candy I have is a little old, but I'm sure it's still good. (I hope. ;_;)
The packaging design is pretty busy. Other than the little lemons and oranges, there are more cartoon animals scattered about and the main crow-like mascot announcing the 45th anniversary. Just like the watermelon flavor I reviewed before, there is an embossed character on the cap. This time I think it's a hippo. (Not 100% sure. There also seems to be some kind of contest announcement, but there's no chance of winning that. (Unless you have a time machine.) Although it's quite busy, the design is very interesting and well thought out. I actually like this label more than the watermelon one.
It's worth noting that all of the tablets have a little 'K'  except for one or each flavor. Instead, you'll find one of the mascot's faces. I love the attention to detail!
Time to open it up and try some of these things! I really hope these citrus candies are as good as the watermelon version. (I have high hopes.)
Inside the lemon tablets are a pale white color with flakes of pulpy candy, while the orange tablets are a solid peach-y color.
  • Orange (peach) - As the tablet dissolves in your mouth there is a tangy citrus flavor, that reminds me of orange juice, but it is really sweet and a bit artificial. If you mixed an orange Pixie Stick with some actual orange juice, I imagine it would taste very similar.
  • Lemon (white with yellow flecks) - is heavily sweetened, but there is a really delicious lemon flavor. Rather than fresh lemons, this is more like a lemonade (with pulp) or a lemon sorbet.
I really like the lemon flavor! It's sweet, refreshing, and tastes a lot like a water ice of sorbet. Sadly, the orange was so-so. Out of the two packages I have reviewed, the watermelon is still my absolute favorite. (Although a package of lemon tablets on it's own might have given it a run for it's money.)
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