Thursday, January 2, 2014

Pure Honey - Mill Creek Apiary: Medford Lakes, NJ

Pure Honey - Mill Creek Apiary: Medford Lakes, NJ
To kick off the new year I wanted to photograph something that was really beautiful, and what's prettier than honeycomb?

I absolutely love honey, but that fake, syrupy nonsense that comes in a plastic bear just won't cut it for me. I need the good stuff. I usually buy jars of organic, unprocessed, honey, but my boyfriend totally one-upped me. He picked up this beautiful package of local honey and it includes a HUGE chunk of honeycomb! (I think he might of picked it up at Whole Foods, but I'm not sure.)

This slab of honeycomb is so beautiful that it doesn't need any fancy packaging. The clear plastic container works just fine. Although, I will say that the product sticker is in need of a major makeover. The label looks like the generic mailing address stickers you can order out of catalogs. When compared to some of the more trendy packaged honey products, this could easily be overlooked.

I'm not sure if this had extra packaging that my boyfriend removed, or if it really had no seal, but all you had to do to access the honey was lift the lid. No stickers, no plastic wrap, no nothing. With the way that food is packaged these days, that feels a little unsafe, but I think it should be okay. (If I stop posting reviews send a search party!)
Once opened, you can see the true beauty of this product. Bees are so amazing! Look at these intricate little chambers! Each one is a perfect little hexagon, and each one is filled with deliciously pure honey. (I wish I could be a bee keeper.) That slab of honeycomb is filled with amber honey and it smells absolutely incredible.
I gotta say, this honey beats the pants off of the stuff you buy in the grocery store. It's sweet, pure, and every now and again I get a little fleck of bees wax floating at the top of my tea. If you didn't know, the included wax is a bonus! You can chew on it and it releases even more honey flavoring, but don't swallow it. (Or at least not all of it, a little bit won't hurt.) It's wax after all, so spit it out once it loses it's flavoring. (Kind of like wax lips or soda bottles.)
This was an amazing gift! I got to take some gorgeous photos, eat delicious honey, and it's all much healthier for me than the processed stuff you can buy in the store. All of you need to try a chunk of raw honeycomb!
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    1. I did! I hope you had a lovely holiday was well. ^_^ Chewing on honeycomb is wonderful, and it's really good for you, so your grandma really knows what she's talking about. I highly recommend it.