Saturday, February 22, 2014

Blue Raspberry Peeps - Walmart: Cinnaminson, NJ

Blue Raspberry Peeps - Walmart: Cinnaminson, NJ
The Sour Watermelon version, reviewed here, were okay, but I didn't really want to eat more than one. Will these Blue Raspberry Peeps be any better?

I'm going to skip my usual packaging discussion, because this packaging is pretty boring and standard as far as Peeps go. Same package and design with a different color scheme and fruit illustration. I mentioned in my last review that these were a bit tricky to open and you couldn't reseal it if you tried, so you might want to store your Peeps in a container with a lid to keep them fresh. (Personally I poke holes in my packages because I like them better when they are stale, but that's me...and I'm weird.)
This blue color might be even more obnoxious than the green and pink watermelon scheme. These are seriously blue. Bright blue. As in highlighter blue. I am sure kids would love this color, but as an adult, a color this bright is a little worrying. I love bright colors, but this doesn't look like it should be food. (I guess I sound like an old fart saying that, but this color just concerns me.) The blue isn't just the sugary coating, the marshmallow itself is a softer shade of turquoise. (Which obviously didn't photograph well.)

Da Ba Dee Da Ba-Melting-Eyes?

"...everything he sees is just blue like him inside and outside"
Unlike the last package, I couldn't smell the scent until I opened the plastic. The scent is sweet and floral, similar to a flavoring of a blue freeze pop or blue raspberry water ice.

When I separated one of the Peeps to give it a try it seemed like the scent got a little stronger and tangier. (I guess the fresher marshmallow that hasn't been exposed to the air has a stronger scent?)
I took a bite and...I was not happy. These are tangy, much tangier than I expected, and the flavoring is strong. Unlike the watermelon version, the tanginess isn't contained to the sanding sugar, it's in the marshmallow itself. (Although the sugary outside is more intense.) These aren't even marketed as tangy or sour!

You can tell that these are supposed to be some kind of blue raspberry, but it's incredibly artificial. To me, it's just like mixing blue raspberry snow cone syrup or Icee mix with a marshmallow. It was really sugary, artificial, and I didn't like it one bit.

I could see this insanely sweet and tangy flavor doing well with kids, but as a 20-something, this was awful. After two bites I didn't want to finish my little chick, and I still had a whole package left. (My dog stole the remaining portion of my Peep and promptly spit it out. So these Peeps aren't even Pomeranian approved.)

As I said before, it's great and exciting to see Peeps come out in all these new flavors, but what's the point if they don't taste good?

You all knew this was coming...
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