Sunday, February 23, 2014

Final Thoughts on The NEW Peeps...

Super artificial, obnoxious, and bright. These Peeps were a lot of fun to photograph, but this is a candy, and I'm supposed to eat it. But, I really don't want to.

Since my original review I have eaten three of the watermelon Peeps and only two of the blue raspberry ones. I wanted to see if I just had to get used to them or give them another chance, but they were just as awful as when I first tried them.

If I had to recommend one of these flavors it'd be the watermelon, but I honestly didn't care for either of them. If you want a deliciously flavored Peep, go for the lemonade. The lemonade variety are delicious!

Edit: 2/24/14

Since I was, obviously, not a fan of these Peeps, I gave them to my boyfriend and he actually enjoyed them quite a bit. I think he enjoyed the novelty more than the flavoring to be honest, but I wanted to make it known that he did enjoy these. (They made his mouth very blue too, which was fun for me.)
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