Monday, February 24, 2014

Creme & Cookie Dough Filled Heart Shaped Doughnuts - Dunkin' Donuts

Creme & Cookie Dough Filled Heart Shaped Doughnuts - Dunkin' Donuts
Dunkin' Donuts brought back their festive, heart-shaped, doughnuts for Valentine's Day and they've added a new filling, chocolate chip cookie dough! (First Oreos AND now a doughnut filling? 2014 has just begun and it's already looking like a big year for cookie dough.)
I don't pre-made baked goods very often, so when I do splurge on something sugary I want it to be interesting. (Or at the very least photogenic.) We'll see which category these heart-shaped doughnuts fall into.

First up, we have the Cookie Dough-nut.

Dunkin's yeasty doughnut base is topped with chocolate icing, chocolate chips, and filled with some kind of cookie-dough creme. It smells sweet, yeasty, and a little chocolatey, just like a chocolate glazed doughnut or practically anything Dunkin' Doughnuts makes with chocolate toppings. Other than the heart shape, there's really nothing fancy about it, but the filling could prove me wrong.

I grabbed a knife and cut off one of the rounded filling.
I cut off the other side of the filling.

I rotated the doughnut, found the filling injection site, and made a cut. At this point I finally found some of the translucent, beige-y, cookie dough filling and I was not impressed. It looks a lot like pudding and, at most, there was a tablespoon of this stuff inside. It took me eating 3/4ths of the doughnut to find it, and I am not happy.
Visually, the filling wasn't appealing, and there was no evidence of chocolate chips, so all of the chocolatey flavoring comes from the toppings.

I took a bite, and I wasn't impressed. The filling had a brown sugar flavoring, which was pretty pleasant, but it was overpowered by the yeasty dough and chocolatey toppings. I think if my doughnut had more filling the flavor would have been stronger and I would have enjoyed it more, but this was just like having a typical chocolate topped-doughnut with a tiny bite of brown sugar pudding at the end.

Next up is a typical Dunkin' Doughtnuts staple, a creme-filled with chocolate glaze. This looks just like the brownie batter doughnut that has been advertized in all the posters, but it was filled with white creme, and marketed as "The Manager's Special." (I'm guessing the special is that they ran out of brownie batter.)

This doughnut was a lot prettier than it's cookie dough counterpart, and it tasted exactly the same, except for the filling. This one actually had a generous portion, so there was sugary "creme" in every bite.

As far as taste, this is the same yeasty base as the rest of Dunkin's creations with an extremely sugary "creme" filling and a chocolate glaze. It's good, but in that guilty junk-food kind of way. 

Do all of the baked goods at Dunkin' Donuts taste the same, or is it just me? The toppings and fillings make a slight difference, but that yeasty doughnut-base is used for everything, and it gets boring. (Although I could be biased due to my love of Krispy Kreme.) When I do buy something from Dunkin' it's either a jelly-filled or a chocolate-cake doughnut, because it actually tastes different.

I'm really hoping that the company steps up their game and makes more flavors, but their current offerings have worked for decades, why change? (If it ain't broke, don't fix it.) Unless they get something fancy that I want to review, I don't think I'll be visiting any of their stores in the future.
(I know Valentine's Day has come and gone, but these are still available.)
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