Friday, February 7, 2014

Impulsive Buy Spotted on the Shelves Entries - 8 (Target Valentine's Day Edition)

Target totally missed the opportunity to ask, "Will you be my player 2?"
 I am obsessed with this foodie site called The Impulsive Buy, and my favorite posts are called "Spotted on the Shelves." It is a viewer-fueled inventory of new items that have been released in various stores. I've already made several submissions, found HERE, so here is round 8! 

I guess this would be cute if your significant other is into fishing. I find the face to be a little creepy though...

This is more to my liking. Once everything has been eaten, you get a teal tackle box.

First candy canes, then ice, now gummies!
I was pretty tempted to buy these for my valentine, but he isn't as fond of gummy candy as I am.

There seems to be a hot sauce gift pack for every occasion.

For your sexy couch potato.

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