Monday, March 3, 2014

Cold Stone Creamery Hot For Cookie Creamer - Quickie Review

Cold Stone Creamery Hot For Cookie Creamer - Quickie Review
At this point, all of you know that my boyfriend is a total coffee junkie. He loves anything and everything related to coffee, so he is always finding these crazy creamers and syrups to make fancy drinks at home. I keep pretty up-to-date with sites like Food Beast and The Impulsive Buy, so I tend to know about fancy creamer flavors before they hit the stores, but he managed to find one I had never heard of.
The color palette for this bottle had the potential to be really obnoxious, since it does feature primary colors, but the design team at International Delight impressively kept the gaudiness to a minimum. (Can someone explain to me why all coffee creamers are shaped like bowling pins?) 
To me, this Hot for Cookie version of International Delight is a bit confusing. First of all is this supposed to be cookie flavored? Or ice cream? Or cookie dough ice cream? The fact that the cookie in the photo has ice cream and whipped cream on top makes me think that this is supposed to taste like a cookie sundae, but what does that even taste like? Cookie dough and cream? (I love that the name is a play on THIS song though.)
When my boyfriend grabbed a spoon and demanded I give this a taste I knew it was either going to be really good, or really bad. In actuality, it was just really weak and disappointing. I was hoping for cookie dough, which has already been insanely popular this year, but this creamer did not deliver.
I noticed that this specific flavor was really thin when I poured it onto the spoon, it was the consistency of 2% milk, which seems thinner than the rest of the Cold Stone creamers my boyfriend has tried.
When I tasted the creamer on it's own , it was lightly sweet, there was a pretty noticeable coconut flavor, and a mild hint of caramel. It wasn't bad by any means, but what do any of those flavors have to do with the chocolate chip cookie featured on the bottle?
I am not a habitual coffee drinker, but when I do have a cup, it has a lot of cream and sugar. When I am at my boyfriend's place most of these fancy creamers do the trick and I don't need to add anymore sugar or additional cream. When I tried this creamer it definitely made my coffee a lighter color, but there was no added creaminess, just a mild sweetness mixed with a hint of coconut.
This tasted nothing like I thought it would, and it doesn't work well as a creamer, so I wouldn't recommend it. (Neither does my heavily caffeinated, disappointed boyfriend.)
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