Saturday, March 1, 2014

Must Try Easter Candies

Must Try Easter Candies
Now that February is already behind us, all of the Valentine's Day candy is on clearance, and Easter candy has hit the shelves.

These are a few Easter items that I really enjoyed and plan on repurchasing this season.

Carrot Cake m&m's  (Click to read last year's review)

Released last year, this limited edition flavor used a white chocolate base and a heavy spice blend to recreate the taste of cream cheese frosting and carrot cake. This flavor was reviewed by a lot of foodies and the reviews were pretty mixed, but I loved them! I think these are definitely worth checking out.

Mini Cadbury Caramel Eggs (Click to read last year's review)

    I am actually munching on some of these as I write this review! The filling isn't chewy, like the caramels you might find in a chocolate box, instead it's more like the consistency of caramel ice cream topping. I am absolutely addicted to these smooth, creamy, and delicious little eggs.

    Mini Cadbury Creme Eggs (Click to read last year's review)

    How could I make a spring candy post without mentioning the classic Easter essential, the Cadbury Creme Egg? Personally, I find the full sized eggs to be way too sweet. I can't finish it in one sitting, so these mini eggs are the perfect alternative. The chocolate to filling ratio is a bit different, due to size, but these sugary treats are much easier for me to manage. I prefer the caramel variety, but I do love this mini original version.

    What are some of your favorite Easter Candies?
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