Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Strawberry Creme Limited Edition Peeps - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ

Strawberry Creme Limited Edition Peeps - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ
That's right, even MORE limited edition Peeps. 
I was really impressed when the Just Born company decided to stray from their traditional vanilla and chocolate marshmallows, but by releasing all of these new flavors so closely together, the novelty it loses some of it's allure. I mean it's only March, and I have already seen Chocolate dipped Strawberry, Sour Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Orange and Creme and these Strawberry Creme Peeps. Are these Peeps our American equivalent to the crazy Kit-Kats in Japan?
The packaging is fairly standard as far as these limited edition Peeps go, so I am going to skip it. (How many times can I talk about the same package?)

Inside the molded plastic tray there are three Strawberry and Creme flavored Peeps. They are soft, speckled, and very pink. Unlike the typical marshmallow chicks, which are piped in rows, these are individual, so none of the marshmallow is visible.
When I opened the package the scent wasn't that strong, but it was definitely creamy. These smells creamy, sweet, and fruity, but the fruity-ness is kind of generic. If I were blind folded I would never guess that this was meant to be strawberries and creme. (The scent actually reminded me of those creamy Lifesavers lollipops that were popular in the 90's.)

The outside of the chicks were dusted with pink sanding sugar and these flecks of red sprinkles. I tried some of the sprinkles on their own and they had no flavor. (Similar to the Party Cake Peeps I reviewed a year or so ago.)

I took a bite, and the Peep was really creamy, which is pretty impressive for a marshmallow, and there was a tangy, slightly artificial, fruit flavoring. Overall this flavor reminds me of strawberries and cream instant oatmeal. If you gobble them down like normal Peeps you might miss some of the more subtle strawberry flavors, so I suggest taking your time and attempting to savor this one to get the full effect.

Out of the Peeps I have reviewed so far in 2014, I'd say these were my favorite. I am really surprised I liked these as much as I did. They are surprisingly creamy and the artificial strawberry is just tangy enough to prevent this from being too sweet. If you see these at the store, I'd say they're worth trying.
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