Friday, April 11, 2014

Asian Pot Stickers Cafe Steamers - Walmart: Berlin, NJ

Asian Pot Stickers Cafe Steamers - Walmart: Berlin, NJ
I don't know why, but I've been feeling really run down this week.

I haven't felt like making anything elaborate for dinner, so it's time for another Asian inspired meal from cafe Steamers. These instant meals satisfy my tummy and my laziness, what's not to like? This is going to be a really short review since I covered the packaging in my last post.

The preparations for this meal were the same as the last one, so after 4 minutes in the microwave I had a bowl filled with rice, veggies, and four little potstickers.

I am usually not too picky about the aesthetics of my microwavable meals, but this doesn't really look like the package. Sure, all the ingredients are there, but the pot stickers seem a lot tinier in person.

When it's fresh out of the microwave, the sauce has a tangy aroma that's very similar to sweet chili sauce. (Which I love.)

I started with one of the potstickers because I was curious as to what the filling may be. The packaging doesn't list a particular stuffing, it just says that these are vegetarian, so I was guessing that it might be filled with various vegetables. Veggie dumplings are my favorite, so I had high hopes for this microwave meal.

After one bite of the potsticker, I was a bit confused and disappointed. I could taste some veggies, but the filling had a mushy, re-fried bean-like, consistency. The filling also had a savory flavoring that reminded me of sesame oil and soy sauce. The flavoring wasn't bad at all, it just wasn't what I expected.

As for the rest of the meal, it was pleasant and filling, but the frozen potstickers made by Ling Ling are far superior.

Out of the two Asian inspired Cafe Steamers I reviewed this week, I liked this one a lot more than the General Tso's. This meal was more flavorful, it left me feeling fuller longer, and all of the flavors well together. For a microwavable meal, this is pretty good.
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