Saturday, April 12, 2014

Orange Starburst Water Ice - Rita’s

Orange Starburst Water Ice - Rita’s 
More Starburst flavored Rita's!

I've reviewed the Strawberry version in the past, which was pretty yummy, and it sold so well that two other flavors were released. This year you can pick up a cherry or orange Starbust-flavored ice, but I doubt lemon will be making an appearance. From what I understand, Alex's Lemonade Stand has the monopoly on Rita's lemon flavored ice. If Starburst wants to keep releasing water ice flavors, they are most likely going to try some of their Tropical themed one.

Let's see if this Orange Starburst ice is any different from a typical orange one.

The packaging is standard for Rita's, so there's nothing to discuss design-wise. I'll just get right to the ice itself.

One of my boss' mother's treated me to this kid-sized ice on Friday before we closed (THANK YOU), so I had to photograph this at work. Since I didn't have my camera or light set up, I had to use my phone's camera and some printer paper for the backdrop (which didn't turn out half bad). Although the photos aren't too shabby, the coloring is definitely off. The ice has a much paler color in real life. If you've ever had apricot flavored apple sauce (which is a thing) it looks very similar to that.

Most frozen desserts don't really have a smell, but this had a faint aroma that reminded me of Orange Julius.
This is the most accurate coloring I was able to get.
I took a bite, the the flavoring was sweet and orange-y, but I wouldn't say that this flavor tasted much like it's candy namesake. Unlike the Strawberry version, which was very accurate, this one tastes more like a baby Aspirin to me.

I finished my entire cup, and found the ice to be pretty pleasant, but this has the same medicinal aftertaste as Airborne and other orange flavored vitamins. I wouldn't recommend this flavor, but I still think the strawberry version is worth trying. (Did they bring it back this year? I haven't seen it.)
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