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Fruit Punch Oreos - Walmart: Somerdale, NJ

Fruit Punch Oreos - Walmart: Somerdale, NJ
I posted the ad featuring this new flavor eleven days ago, and I was really excited to pick up a package that Sunday, but I couldn't find them anywhere! I feel like the ad was put out a week or two early by mistake or something, because it seems like no one (other than Junk Food Guy) was able to find these on the shelves.

When I called and visited local Walmarts they had no idea what I was talking about, and without getting specific and whiny (I think I did that enough in my Youtube Video) it was not a pleasant experience. I mean, this is in no way the end of the world, but as a food blogger you get this desire to break new foodie news first. You want to be the first one to post about the new items, that's just the nature of this blogging "business." (I say "business", because I doubt all of us are quitting our day jobs for food blogging. At least I'm not.)

Yesterday, on a whim, I decided to revisit the first Walmart I checked, and there they were! They must have been put on the shelves that day because the shelf was fully stocked when I arrived that evening. It was really satisfying to see these Oreos in person because I was starting to feel like I had made the whole thing up. (Walmart doesn't even list these things on their website!)

Welp, here they are! They're totally real and not imagined or anything. 

The packaging is the same standard yellow that's used for all Golden Oreos. As you can see, it has that peel up top that I am not a fan of, but it does have some pretty nice illustrations. The graphic designer in me appreciates the rendering of the punch pitcher, it looks really nice in person, but I still feel like these limited edition packages aren't trying hard enough. Since I am a crazyperson food blogger, I was able to spot these right away, but I feel like the general consumer might miss these limited edition flavors. In my area, the Walmarts and grocery stores stack these cookie packages on the shelves so that only their sides are visible, and while the Fruit Punch and pink filling are both visible on the sides of the package, I think they are still pretty easy to miss in a sea of other Golden Oreo flavors.

I normally don't talk about nutritional facts and values, but 140 calories for just two cookies? Is that normal? I was curious about how these cookies would compare to a normal golden Oreo.
The normal serving size of Golden Oreos is 3 cookies and the calorie count is only 160. (About 53 Calories Each)

These Fruit Punch cookies end up being 140 calories for only 2 cookies. (70 calories Each)
I guess I should pay more attention to the nutritional information, the difference isn't very extreme.

When I opened the package the scent was really bold and fruity. As you could see in my video I was really surprised/semi-horrified/impressed by the aroma of these cookies. These truly smell like an artificial fruit punch, very similar to Hawaiian Punch or any other red-colored fruit punch you can buy at the grocery store. The scent is really sweet and sugary, similar to powdered drink mix or Pixie Stix, and it made me more excited to eat the actual cookie.

After I got high on finished sniffing my Oreos it was time to give them a try. 

In true Oreo fashion I tried the creme filling on it's own, and it's intensely sweet. This is definitely in the same territory as red Starbursts and Pixie Stix. Actually, upon further reflection, this tastes JUST like the Fruit Punch Starburts that come in the Red and Tropical mixes. This is sweeter than grocery store fruit punch, which is saying something, but you can definitely tell what flavor this cookie is going for.

The creme filling is bold, extremely sweet, and very artificial, but the flavoring is recognizable. In a blind folded taste test I think you could actually label this filling as fruit punch, but I have to try this cookie as an actual cookie. (I'm not 3 years old anymore, so I can't just eat the creme and leave empty cookie husks behind.)

When eaten the way Oreo intended, the vanilla cookie really mellows out the fruity flavoring. The fruit punch flavor that was so bold and Starburst-like becomes subdued and cherry-like. The cookie leaves a weird artificial pineapple-aftertaste in your mouth, similar to bottled fruit punch, but the cookie make the flavoring a lot less intense. 

Overall, these taste like you ate a vanilla cookie and a Starburst together at the same time. (Or a cookie and a Pixie Stick.) Either way, this is a really sweet flavor that will definitely appeal to kids. (I shared some with an 8 year old today and she loved it, but even she admitted that it was really sweet.) As an adult, I think this is a fun purchase, but this isn't a flavor that I really care about. If this never returns, I won't be broken up over it. (I do enjoy making people smell these cookies though. I am fixated on the scent of these cookies!)

TO SUM IT UP: If you happen to see these, they are worth trying for the scent alone, but I don't think they were worth my epic travels to various Walmarts.
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