Monday, May 19, 2014

Grape Lemonade Trident Layers - Walmart: Berlin, NJ

Grape Lemonade Trident Layers - Walmart: Berlin, NJ
Remember when I was making all those Walmart runs to find those Fruit Punch Oreos? After several unsuccessful trips, I started buying random food items to review just to make the trip seem worth it.

This is one of those items.

The display and clear plastic packing, which I removed before photographing, said this was a new flavor but it didn't mention if this would be a permanent addition to the Layer line, or a special/seasonal item. Since Lemonade is a very spring/summer flavor, I would assume this is seasonal, but you never know. 

The packaging is made of thin folded cardboard, and the design is modern, crisp, and bold. I really like of sleek the overall design is, but my favorite part would have to be the embossing. It's hard to tell in the photos, but the logo, glass of lemonade, and grapes are all slightly raised from the rest of the design. Along with the embossing it appears like those same items have a spot UV coating, and the shiny appearance really makes the graphics pop. The texturing is subtle, but it really adds something to the design and I feel like this stands out when it's next to similarly packaged chewing gums.

Inside, the colors are bright and bold. It's very simple, but the color combination is complementary, so it's very pleasing to the eye.

Now, I might be odd, but grape and lemonade? It sounds like an odd combination to me. I have had many mixed lemonades in the past, blueberry, strawberry, cherry, and even mint, but grape doesn't sound...right. It may sound odd, but it might taste great. Let's give it a try.

Once unwrapped you can see that the gum really lives up to it's name. There are two layers of yellow (lemon) gum sandwiching a thin purple (grape) layer. The chewing gum smells sweet and artificial, like grape Bubblicious, but there is a hint of citrus-y tang in the scent.

I took a bite, and the first thing I could taste was the artificial grape flavor, which was on par with other artificial grape bubble gums that are available here in the states, but after a few chews there is a tanginess from the lemonade flavoring that is quite refreshing.

Everything was great, until the fire nation arrived until the artificial sugars kicked in. After a bit of chewing I was left with the cold sensation in my mouth that comes from certain artificial sweeteners, like Sweet-n-Low, and it was not my cup of tea. I am not a fan of artificial sugars, and this one is pretty intense. The cooling sensation is almost as tingly as peppermint, and after a few minutes of chewing the fruity flavors fade into nothingness leaving this artificialy sweetened, tingle inducing, gum.

While I like the initial flavoring, I don't like the tingly fake after taste. I spit this gum out once the fruitiness dissipates, which doesn't take very long, so sadly I would have to say this flavor was a fail for me.

If you like grape bubblegum, you might want to give this a try just for the initial flavoring, which is pretty interesting, but if you hate artificial sugar as much as I do, I suggest skipping this Layered gum all together.
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