Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pistachio Almond Thins - Sam's Club: Cinnaminson, NJ

Pistachio Almond Thins - BJ's: Voorhees, NJ
Buying new items at wholesale clubs can be risky. It's one thing to buy something you already enjoy in bulk, but it's another to totally take a risk buying large amount of potentially gross food. (I have been burned before.) Normally BJ's and other wholesale clubs hand out samples to let you know about new products before you buy them, which is really helpful, but that wasn't the case for this item.

My curiosity, and love of pistachios, lead me to this huge box of biscotti-like crisps and even though I knew nothing about this product...I bought it.

Let's hope that these almond thins are delicious, or else I'm stuck with 14 more packages of them.

Since the packaging is meant for bulk orders, it's design is simple yet functional. For a bulk food item, I have to say the design is pretty classy. The green background has a hint of depth and texturing, the white text stands out while not taking away from the product photo, and the logo is bright and bold without being obnoxious. Designwise, everything is nicely balanced and I think this package would look pretty nice sitting next to a coffee pot at work.

Inside, the individual portions each have three thin crisps that are wrapped in a thin plastic. When you look at the product itself, it may be lighter than the ones featured on the package, but the amount of mix-ins doesn't disappoint. Look at all the almond and pistachio bits inside just one chip. In a world where Hersey's Almond bars have less than a dozen almonds in them, I think this is pretty impressive.

When the plastic is removed these Almond Thins look and smell a lot like almond biscotti, which is really appealing, but why doesn't this brand just call these biscotti chips? (That's pretty much what these are.)

After just one bite I knew this was a random purchase I wasn't going to regret. These little crisps are lightly sweet, crunchy, and full of flavor.

The first thing I can taste is the slivers of almonds and almond flavoring from the cookie-portion of this crisp which is sweet, without being overly sweet, and the almond flavoring is very authentic. As far as the pistachio, it's there, but it plays second fiddle to the almond. The most prominent pistachio flavoring appears after the cookie portion has dissolved, which is mild like most pistachio pastries, but the two nutty flavors work really well together and they are not artificial at all.

I'm really impressed by these little biscuits. They are the perfect treat to enjoy with a cup of tea (or coffee), and the handy packages held up well in my purse as emergency snacks throughout my work week. If these are still available at BJ's I'll definitely be picking up another box, and I would love to try more flavors from this brand.

If you like biscotti, you'll love these handy little crisps. (My coffee addicted boyfriend loves these too. I hide these in his laptop bag so he can have a little surprise treat at work.)
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