Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Orion Yegam Baked Potato Chips - Asian Food Market: Cherry Hill, NJ

Orion Yegam Baked Potato Chips - Asian Food Market: Cherry Hill, NJ
I am finally getting around to reviewing all of the items from THIS Asian food haul!

Most of the interesting foods I find are sweets, so I always look forward to eating something savory, so let's get right to the review!

Not only were these chips on sale (I'm a sucker for bargains), but the packaging reminded me of Potato Wish (on the right) mixed with these Baked Seaweed Lay's. If both of those packages were merged into one, it'd be this.
The design on the outside packaging isn't as simple and Americanized as the Lay's chips, but it isn't as well designed and thought out as Potato Wish (which is also an Orion item). Admittedly, the layout and green color scheme is similar of Potato Wish, but it lacks sophistication. It's amazing how much of a difference coloring can make. The generic green background on these chips is really holding them back.

Inside, there is only one tall plastic bag that holds all of the chips (unlike Potato Wish which had 2 bags for portion control), and I feel like this plastic packaging has a better design than the cardboard one. The crinkle-cut background is a lot more interesting than a solid green one, but I like that the cardboard is recyclable.

The entire bag is considered a single portion, and it's a pretty decent size. Although there is a decent amount of air in the package, I think this is more than enough chips to satisfy a craving, and if this nutritional information is correct...these are only 270 calories. For the whole thing? Is that right? It doesn't seem right to me. The only downside I can see right now is that there's no way to reseal the bag once it has been opened, so you might end up with stale chips if you want to save some for later.

Inside, the crisps are stacked nice and neat, and they look a bit thicker than fried Potato chips. These seem to be the same thickness as a Pringle but, unlike the last can of Pringles I purchased, all of my chips were intact. These chips have taken quite the journey to get to an Asian grocery shop in the middle of South Jersey, so I thought this was definitely worth mentioning.

Opening the packaging didn't release any notable scents, but there are meant to be plain potato chips, so I think that's normal. If I get really close to the packaging there is a hint of potato flakes, which reminds me of canned shoestring potatoes, but you'd have to get uncomfortably close to your food to really smell anything.

I took a bite, and these taste just like a Baked Lays or original Pringles chip. You can taste processed potato, a little bit of salt, and that's really it. I wish there was more to describe, but the taste is very generic in a good way. I really like Lay's baked chips, which is exactly what these taste like, and the tall packaging was a lot more convenient for my lunch bag than a bag full of air, but the flavor isn't anything unique or special. (And the price wasn't much cheaper than the American counterparts it tastes like.)

Since these taste just like products I have easier access to, I won't be buying these again. (At least not in this flavor.) I have another flavor of these chips to review later this week, so we'll see if they can change my mind.

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