Friday, May 30, 2014

Limited Edition Peach SweetTea Yogurt - Walmart: Berlin, NJ

Limited Edition Peach SweetTea Yogurt - Walmart: Berlin, NJ
It may be considered "limited edition," but this yogurt has (supposedly) been available for 3 months. I've been trying to track it down, and just when I stopped looking, I found two little containers at Walmart while I was buying a Spider-Man gift-bag of all things. (Yay for random foodie finds!)

The reason why I was so interested in this yogurt was the tea aspect. I think tea infused yogurt sounds really appetizing and I was excited to see how this one would work out. Although I really like yogurt, and I certainly eat a lot of it, I rarely buy Yoplait. I think they have interesting flavors and a great design/marketing team, but the containers are really awkward to eat from. Seriously, what is with the little lip at the top of the container? It prevents me from scraping out the last bits of yogurt and it gets in the way of my spoon while I'm eating. I like that the brand has this iconic shape and look to it, but that little lip at the top of the container has got to go.

Other than my functionality complaint, I think this container looks really nice. The peach tea is in a mason jar (which is all the rage right now), and the colors are bright and recognizable for the brand.

I removed the foil cap and the yogurt inside was a creamy color, similar to tea with cream or peaches and cream. I tried to see if the smell was any different than a normal yogurt, but this smelled pretty generic. I can smell vanilla, a fruity hint of concentrated peaches, and the slightly tangy yogurt base. As far as I can tell, there's not tea-like aroma, but we'll see if it tastes any more authentic.

When the yogurt first touched my tongue it tasted like a sweeter, and slightly more authentic, version of a normal peach yogurt. The fruity flavoring was more concentrated, like a jam or preserve, but I couldn't detect any of the tea.

It took a few minutes, but there is a tea-like aftertaste. It isn't terribly strong, but that makes sense when you look at the ingredients. Black tea extract is there, but it's halfway down the ingredients list.

This flavor is really sweet and delicious, but I didn't feel like this was dramatically different from a normal peach yogurt. I still like the idea of tea infused yogurts, but this is more like an Arizona iced-tea-turned-yogurt. The tea flavoring isn't strong or terribly authentic, but this was still really enjoyable. I personally wouldn't buy this again, since I don't like the functionality of the packaging, but I would love to try more tea-themed yogurts in the future.
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