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Sam's Choice Coffee & Donuts Ice Cream - Walmart: Berlin, NJ

Sam's Choice Coffee & Donuts Ice Cream - Walmart: Berlin, NJ
You have to admit, this combination is kind of a no-brainer, but I don't think anyone has ever done it before. (At least not in ice cream form.) This item was posted on The Impulsive Buy a few days ago, and I knew I had to get it for this weekend.

As I have mentioned before, my boyfriend loves coffee, but he also loves ice cream, and this week was very tiring and trying for both of us, so a little ice creamy treat was well deserved. Let's see if this frozen breakfast-y flavor combination is actually successful!

Sam's Choice, Originally Sam's American Choice, is a line of food items that is made exclusively for Walmart. The brand was originally a typical no-frills line, but it has recently been revamped. In an attempt to make the brand's identity more modern and sleek, the "American" was dropped from the name and the packaging for all products was changed to look more sophisticated, plus a bunch of new "fancy" items and flavors were released. This being one of them. 

While this design isn't on par with fancy ice cream brands like Häagen-Dazs, it's looks a lot fancier than Walmart's less-premium line of foods like Great Value, and it's admittedly a lot more modern than Wegman's premium line of ice creams. (They might not be super pretty, but they are delicious.)
I like the with text against the black background, and the layout is simple but alluring. Actually, this design looks a lot like the Specially Selected line at Aldi. (Which I'm also a fan of design-wise.)

Once opened, the ice cream is a creamy beige color, similar to normal coffee ice creams, and there was a semi-transparent glaze-y swirl on top. (Top left.) I couldn't see any donut pieces on the surface, but the ice cream smelled much sweeter than normal coffee ice creams.

Since I could see the glaze swirl, I decided to give that a try first.

The swirl of icing is sweet and gritty with sugar, but it has a really slimey texture. The texture and appearance is a little off putting (I'm not even going to say what it looks like), but it tastes just like the icing from Toaster Strudel. It doesn't taste 100% like the glaze from a Krispy Kreme doughnut, but it's in the ballpark of a prepackaged Entenmann's or Tastykake glazed doughnut.

It didn't take much digging to find a piece of doughnut at all, they were hiding right under the surface. (It's that lighter color near the tip of my spoon.)

The doughnut pieces weren't some kind of flavored dough balls mimicing doughnuts, it turned out to be thin slices of the real thing! Although the cake doughnuts seem to be sliced very thinly and layered with the ice cream, they add a cake-y denseness that was really enjoyable. With all of these flavors and textures combined, this stuff really tasted like coffee and doughnuts! I think I would be able to name this flavor blindfolded, which is something  I am always excited about.

As for my boyfriend, he really liked this ice cream a lot. When I aksed him for his input he said:

It captures the taste if doughnut surprisingly well for an ice cream. And that the streaks of glaze are weird, but taste good.
Although his comment above seems a little lack luster, he was eating this with a smile while we watched late night TV last night.

If you're a fan of sweet coffee drinks, like me, you should give this one a try! It's priced pretty well for the size of the container, and it tastes more high end than any Walmart Ice Cream I've ever had before.
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