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Cinnamon Roll Dessert Delights- Target: Marlton, NJ

Cinnamon Roll Dessert Delights- Target: Marlton, NJ
I've always loved the Dessert Delights chewing gum line, but there have been quite a few hits and misses with the newer flavors.  (Check out my reviews HERE.)
This new flavor was announced over on The Impulsive Buy almost a month ago, and  I've been keeping an eye out for it the last few weeks but it wasn't until yesterday that I was finally able to get a package to review. (A lot of stores didn't even carry the Dessert Delights line. Is it on it's way out?)

Alright, time to open this package up and see if this is as yummy as Lemon Square, or as disappointing as Orange Creme Pop.

Since the Dessert Delights packaging is all the same, and I have covered it in my older reviews, we'll skip over the aesthetics and packaging. Let's get right into the review!
As expected, the gum is a tan-ish brown color, similar to a coffee with cream or brown sugar oatmeal, and it smells really sweet like Cinnabon icing. The spiced aroma is no where near as strong as Big Red and other cinnamon based gums I have had in the past, but it's still noticeable, although the strong vanilla-icing aroma almost overpowers it. Although with these two scents there is a slight artificial sweetener aroma, but it isn't very strong or unappealing.

I popped the stick of gum into my mouth and the first thing I can taste is the artificial vanilla icing. Eventually the sweet icing flavor gets a little weaker and you can taste a bit more of the cinnamon, but it's really weak. To be honest the initial icing flavoring is almost sickening for me. I feel like I'm chewing on a big glob of icing, which might sound really appealing to some of you sugar addicts out there, but I found it to be way too sweet for casual chewing.

While the flavoring does recreate the icing that comes with pre-made cinnamon rolls quite accurately, I would have preferred a more cinnamon-y and pastry-like flavoring. This gum has a flavor that lasts for a decent amount of time, but it makes me feel like I'm drowning in sugar, which sounds awesome, but it makes me want to spit it out only after chewing it for a few minutes.

Overall, I say this flavor tastes accurately like icing, but there is little to no cinnamon roll in there. I found the flavoring to be really sweet, to the point where I wanted to spit it out, which is really rare for me, and it also seemed to make me really thirsty. It's safe to say I wouldn't recommend this one unless you really like icing and sugar, and I won't be buying this again. I might even pawn off the gum I have left to friends and family. 
So far nothing can beat my love for Key Lime Pie, which is no longer made but I'm eagerly awaiting it's return, and although the newer flavors have been lackluster, I still plan on trying them all!
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