Monday, July 7, 2014

Orange Kream-cicle Tastykake- Wawa: Collingswood, NJ

Orange Kream-cicle Tastykake- Wawa: Collingswood, NJ
Tastykake snacks and pies are very popular in this area, and a lot of my older family members absolutely love them, but these processed sweets are something that never grew on me. I very rarely buy them, in fact I only reviewed one and that was because it was part of my giant pumpkin haul, but I saw this new flavor at Wawa and thought it might be worth trying. Who knows, maybe I'll like it.

The packaging is a bright orange color and it looks like a square-shaped orange slice, which is a lot cuter than the design used for the Pumpkin Pie version. Overall I like it, but it doesn't feel entirely finished or polished. Maybe it's the dated typeface for the flavoring and limited edition banner? Or maybe it's the lack luster little fruit and popsicle illustrations at the bottom right, either way something about this packaging seems off to me. Even so, this is one of the nicest Tastykake Pie packages I've seen in a long time.

Inside the cardboard box there is a little tin to keep the pie's shape, and it really does it's job well. This thing is perfectly shaped, and unlike the last pie I reviewed, the top did not pop right off. The crust smells sweet, artificial, and a little salty, like most pre-made pie crusts you can buy in the freezer section of the grocery store, and there was a slight hint of citrus.

I took a bite, and right away I wasn't a fan.

The crusty outside was thick and dry, and inside there was a surprising amount of air. As you can see in the photo above the fillings took up a little less than 50% of the pie and the two flavors weren't very well balanced. The bottom layer consisted of some kind of jellied orange spread, which was quite artificially flavored, and there was this oddly textured creme trail on top. To me this tasted pretty foul, the creamy layer had this odd clotty texture, similar to cottage cheese, and the orange layer was really thick but very mildly flavored. Out of all of the flavors present the off-white creme layer and the crust are the ones I noticed the most, the orange had a cirtus-y aftertaste but it was no where near as authentic and refreshing as I had hoped.

Maybe my pie wasn't fresh? Is this what they are supposed to be like? If so I really don't get the appeal of these little hand pies. It's safe to say I did not enjoy this flavor and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone (sorry Tastykake). If you think this pie was past it's prime or something was wrong with it, let me know.
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