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Crispy Chicken and Waffle Slider- White Castle: Tomsriver, NJ

Crispy Chicken and Waffle Slider- White Castle: Tomsriver, NJ

Sorry I've been so inconsistent with reviews lately. I'm trying to find a better balance between this blog and my art blog plus I am preparing to sell at a Con next month, so my schedule is pretty hectic after work. Please bear with me, but in the meantime, check out this adorable little waffle sandwich!

As I have stated before, I love White Castle. Whenever they post something new I get really excited, and the location that's closest to me is a 2 and a half hour drive there and back, so when I do get the chance to get my tiny burger fix I have to try everything that I see that's new. (Like the Ultimate Sriracha Chicken Slider.)

When I saw the little pop-up advertizement at the counter I thought that this sandwich was between two full sized waffles, which wouldn't make sense since White Castle follows a tiny food aesthetic, but the price was so hefty I thought it had to be full sized. It wasn't. For the same amount of money as this palm sized waffle sandwich you'd be able to get a full sized chicken sandwich at most fast food restaurants, but I was over an hour away from home and I wanted to try it. So my love of new foods and White Castle overcame my cheapness frugal ways.

As I opened the wrapping I noticed that the sandwich was significantly thicker than a normal slider, mostly due to the chicken patty not being as thin as the beef sheets White Castle typically uses on their burgers, but the waffles are pretty fluffy too. All in all the sandwich fit in the palm of my hand and it was about three fingers tall. (I know, odd unit of measurement but it's not like I carry a ruler in my purse.)

The ads for this sandwich said that the waffles were imported, and that these are supposed to be two palm sized Belgian waffles, but don't let those fancy words fool you. In reality Belgian waffles, which have no concrete foodie definition, are an American creation and they do not exsist in Belgium. If that's true, then where were these waffles imported from?

Other than the skeptically non-Belgian waffles, the sandwich consists of a tangy white sauce (gravy?), plenty of bacon crumbles, and a crisp chicken breast. You can order this sandwich with a roasted chicken breast, which would make it mildly healthier, but I was going big and going home, so I decided not to count calories.

I took a bite, and the waffles weren't as fluffy as advertized, but the sandwich was really tasty! The waffles tasted sweet and syrupy, but I didn't see any syrup on the sandwich itself, so I am guessing there is maple flavoring in the waffle batter. Even though I love White Castle, I know it's not the best food out there, but the chicken was surprisingly moist and well cooked. It's no where near 5-star restaurant quality, but this chicken is easily in my top three chicken dishes from fast food restaurants. The bacon adds a salty and smokey crunch to the sandwich, while the white gravy-like sauce adds a nice tanginess. Although the texture of the waffles wasn't fantastic, I've had waffles from diners that have been much worse.

Although the price tag is a bit hefty for the size of the sandwich, this little concoction is pretty darn yummy. It hits all the right spots on my tongue (giggitty?), there's sweetness from the waffles infused with syrup, salty smokiness from the bacon, savory chicken, and tangy sauce. Add a drop or two of hot sauce and you're all set! I really liked this little sandwich, and I am craving another one as I type this, but two itty bitty chicken sandwiches for 5 bucks? That's just too much for two itty bitty sandwiches. I can't see myself driving all the way out there again before this limited edition item leaves the menu, but I do recommend trying it for yourself if you have a White Castle relatively close to you.
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