Saturday, July 12, 2014

Wegaroons! Flavored Macarons from Wegman's Bakery (Part 1)

Macaron 6-pack- Wegman's: Cherry Hill, NJ
More Macarons! I'm not sure if these are made fresh on-site, or delivered frozen, although I'm fairly certain it's the latter, but I thought this might be interesting to compare these to the two frozen macaroon packs I've reviewed already.

These little pastries were sitting in a refrigerated section of the bakery with a lot of other pre-made desserts and mini tarts, so these weren't frozen when I purchased them, but they were quite chilly.

Since these aren't frozen like the other macarons I have written about, they aren't sealed in a cardboard box. This time the packaging is a clear plastic shell with gold foiled edging, and the macarons are cradled inside long white fluted cups. This 6-pack was surprisingly pricey, considering that these aren't fresh or made on site (at least I don't think so), the box was $6.00, so that makes each of these macarons a dollar. This is fairly typical for bakery fresh macarons, but for 6 little macarons from a grocery store this is a pretty hefty price tag. For the same price I could have gotten a full dowzen of the frozen variety. 

The flavors aren't listed on the packaging, so I had to guess what these were, but I think they were fairly obvious.

First up Vanilla. This is a flavor that was in my last box of frozen Looka macarons, and when I compare the two, Looka is definitely the far superior supermarket macaron. The wafer-like cookie in this macaron is sweet, almond-y, but otherwise flavorless and the filling is really mild. Rather than tasting like vanilla, to me this just tastes like an unflavored macaron, but the texturing was more crisp than the frozen macarons I have had in the past.

Next, Pistachio! (One of my favorites.) This flavor has been in every one of my assorted macaron boxes.

Again, this one is oddly flavorless. Both the Looka and the Trader Joe's pistachio macarons were much more flavorful. The filling was creamy, and there was a nutty pistachio after taste, but the overall cookie was sweet, almond-y, and mild. So far I am pretty disappointed with these pricey little cookies. The texture is still superior, but the flavoring is very weak.

Thankfully this next macaron was much more flavorful, but I'm having a little trouble identifying the flavor. It could either be coffee, or some kind of salted caramel. I'm not really sure which one it could be, I am leaning more towards salted caramel, since there is a decent amount of saltiness to this dessert, but there are also some interestingly bitter notes.

The bitter notes remind me a lot of coffee, but it might be burnt sugar, so I have nothing to really compare this item to. So far it's been the most enjoyable macaron from the set, and the texture was rather nice, but it still isn't on-par with a bakery fresh macaron.

Since this post is getting so photo-heavy I'm going to break it up into two parts. See you in part 2 for the rest of the macarons!
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