Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wegaroons Part 2! Macaron 6-pack- Wegman's: Cherry Hill, NJ

Macaron 6-pack- Wegman's: Cherry Hill, NJ

I took a ton of photos today and I'll be writing a bunch of posts tomorrow so that the posting schedule will be back on track starting today!

Okay, let's finish off these macarons!

So the first three flavors, other than the mystery coffee/caramel one, were pretty disappointing. The texture of these macarons has been better than the frozen ones I have reviewed in the past, but the flavors have been really bland. Let's see if the last three flavors will be able to make this purchase worthwhile.

First up, lemon.

This is a flavor I have never had from a grocery store, although I hear Trader Joe's now offers it in their frozen macaron line-up, so I have nothing to compare this too.

I took a bite, and again the texture is crispier than the frozen variety, but the lemon flavoring was just as weak as the last three flavors I've reviewed. I tried a bit of the filling on it's own and it had some nice lemony flavoring, but when it was combined with the crisp shells it becomes so muted. The filling is tart and tangy, similar to mixing lemon curd into white cake frosting, but I couldn't detect any lemon in the crispy macaron itself. As the these cookies/shells dyed different colors and not flavored?

Now the chocolate macaron should taste like cocoa, since it makes more sense to add cocoa for coloring than food dye, so maybe this will let me know if these are truly flavored or dyed.

I took a bite, this time of the cookie/shell alone, and although the flavoring was initially the same as all the others, there was a slightly bitter cocoa powder aftertaste. It wasn't especially strong, and to be honest I'm not sure if the cookie itself was cocoa flavored or if it was just interacting with the chocolate filling long enough for the flavors to mingle, so I still don't know if these are all the same cookie with different food coloring and fillings.

Thankfully, the chocolate filling for this macaron was rich and fudgy, when eaten together the chocolate flavoring was really enjoyable, although it tasted more like semi-sweet chocolate chips than a dark or milk chocolate, I still liked it quite a bit.

Lastly we have raspberry...I think. Maybe this is strawberry? I'm not 100% sure. Since none of these macarons had any scent to them I had to guess the flavorings based on appearances and taste, so let's take a bite and see what this flavoring really is.

Yup, this is another bland, but crispy, almond-based cookie, but the filling seems to be raspberry jam. The filling is sweet, tangy, and very flavorful. When eaten together the filling brightens up the cookie a bit, but it's no where near as good as the raspberry macarons from Looka or even Trader Joes.

Out of all the grocery store pre-prepared macarons I have had, these were the worst AND the most expensive. Out of all 6 colors/flavors I liked the mystery coffee/caramel one from my last review the most, but even though I enjoyed it I can't buy that flavor on it's own, so I won't be repurchasing these in the future. If you're looking for fairly cheap macaron-like cookies to keep on hand I recommend Looka or Trader Joe's, these little cookies from Wegman's may look pretty and more high-end, but they are nearly flavorless.
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